Polished in Pink by Nicole Sheard

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Author Nicole Sheard:

Happy Spring! Even though I live where the weather fluctuates between warm and mild one day to cold another day in the spring, it’s still nice that the weather is starting to warm up and that warmer days are ahead. This time of year I like to wear pastel colors and I have a lot of pink in my closet, especially spring clothing.


Pink makes for a nice monochromatic spring look and can brighten up any mood. It’s also a nice alternative to wearing darker monochrome looks like black and can be more exciting than wearing all neutral colors like beige. Pink is very feminine.

I picture 2 monochromatic pink looks: one with pants and one with a skirt. The pants look shows one of my favorite ways to add pop to a monochromatic look and that’s with leopard print. Pictured above I add hints of leopard print with my belt, earrings, and shoes and pair them with a bag of the same color. With the skirt, I add a neutral color which enhances my attire as I pair the pink outfit with beige shoes and a beige bag. I also like to pair pink bottoms with a white top or other shades of pink.

Visit my official blog site to shop my look: https://workitwithnic.work/2020/04/12/spring-fashion-2/

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